Media Kit

In our media kit, you will find the latest videos and images for use in media releases.

Linked below is highlight footage of a recent rover field test:

Rover Field Test Highlight Reel

Linked below is footage of the construction of the Moon lander’s structure. The first version is subtitled to explain the activity, and the second is straight video:

Lander Construction Reel – Subtitled

Lander Construction Reel – No Subtitles

Below are select high resolution images. Click to view full image.

The Astrobotic Expedition is a narrated video describing all stages of the Astrobotic lunar rover mission. Credit: Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Expedition (.mp4)
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Astrobotic Expedition (.zip)
(Click to download zip file)

The Astrobotic Animation a narrated animation of the initial Astrobotic Technology lunar rover mission, expected to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 as early as April 2013. Credit: Astrobotic Technology / Aaron Davidson

Astrobotic Animation (Full Length) (.mp4)
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Astrobotic Animation (Full Length) mp4 (.zip)
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The Mission Overview video is a 35 MB unnarrated compilation of footage representing all stages of the lunar mission, including the rocket launch, orbit and transfer to lunar orbit, landing, and roving.  Included are animations, a diagram, and filmed footage of the prototype.

Astrobotic Mission Overview (.mov)
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Astrobotic Mission Overview (.zip)
(Click to download zip file)

The Astrobotic logo files include both raster (transparent PNG) and vector (EPS) versions of Astrobotic’s current logo.  There are multiple versions of the logo, including versions for both light and dark backgrounds and for use at small sizes (‘Technology, Inc.’ is scaled up to increase legibility).

Astrobotic Logo Files (.zip)
(Click to download zip file)


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