Red Rover

Red Rover is a mobile explorer that scouts the Moon’s mid-latitudes near the equator with cameras and science payloads. The pyramidal shape regulates heat during hot lunar days. The rover navigates to keep its solar panels in the sun. The broad white radiator rejects excess heat to the cold black sky. The rover’s batteries survive and hold charge at cryogenic temperatures, enabling the rover to hibernate through two-week lunar nights and resume activities the next day. The rover’s carbon composite structure is lightweight, strong, and stiff. Red Rover’s wheels are driven by two motors, which are chassis mounted to isolate from thermal extremes and dust. Each motor drives the two wheels on one side and steering is by skidding. Passive suspension maintains four-wheel ground contact over sloped and rocky lunar terrain without the use of springs. Chain drives to the wheels enable a simple two-motor design. Red Rover is equipped with a pair of stereo cameras and a camera with a telephoto lens. It navigates, detects obstacles, and captures 3D video footage and maps.

Operating Environment: Lunar Equator and mid-latitudes, sunrise to sunset with night hibernation

Rover Mass: 80kg

Payload Mass: 30kg  (View Payload User’s Guide)

Average Power: 120W (400W peak)

Drive Speed: 10cm/s

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.7m

Features: Night Survival, Autonomous Roving, Passive Thermal Control, Shoulder-Driven Skid-Steer, Passive Rocker Suspension, Composite Chassis, 3D-HD cameras, 4x telephoto zoom camera, Direct to Earth Communication



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