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Astrobotic Unveils Lower Lunar Delivery Pricing

PITTSBURGH, PA – JUL 8, 2013 - Astrobotic Technology Inc. has unveiled lower pricing for its lunar delivery services in its updated Payload User’s Guide released today. Now scientists, advertisers, engineers, artists, and other lunar visionaries can secure space aboard Astrobotic’s 2015 lunar mission for 30% less than previously published rates. The mission will explore a… {read more}

NASA Glenn Space and Aeronautics Academy visits Astrobotic

On June 14th, Astrobotic hosted 19 interns from the NASA Glenn Space and Aeronautics Academy program in Cleveland, OH. The Academy is an intensive summer program that introduces high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students likely to be future leaders in space activity to how NASA functions. They came to learn more about Pittsburgh’s first commercial space… {read more}

NASA Selects Astrobotic to Demonstrate Asteroid and Moon Landing Technology

PITTSBURGH, PA – APR 4, 2013 – Last week Astrobotic successfully flew a sensor package designed to guide spacecraft safely to the surface of asteroids, moons, planets, and beyond. The flight occurred on an unmanned helicopter operated by a pilot on the ground. The flights are preparation for demonstration of this capability on a propulsive… {read more}

Astrobotic Unveils Lunar Polar Rover

PITTSBURGH, PA – October 8, 2012 – Astrobotic today announced completion of a prototype lunar prospecting rover, Polaris, to search for water ice at the Moon’s poles.  The rover will prospect for water, oxygen, methane, and other volatiles which could be useful for energy, supporting life, and producing rocket fuel.  ”This rover is a first step toward using… {read more}

Astrobotic Wins Contract to Develop Moon Cave Explorer

PITTSBURGH, PA – Aug 21, 2012 – Astrobotic today announced a NASA contract to develop technologies for exploring caves on the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Astrobotic was one of ten teams to be selected for phase II awards from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. Planetary caverns and tunnels can provide shelter from micrometeorites, radiation,… {read more}

Polaris Prototyping Underway; Polaris will Ride Falcon 9 to the Moon to Find Water at the Poles in 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA – May 22, 2012 – Astrobotic Technology announced today that fabrication is under way for an ice prospecting robot, Polaris, to be launched to the Moon on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket like the one that successfully lifted off today from Cape Canaveral. Robot components built thus far include wheels and chassis beams, made… {read more}


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