Connecting Good People and Skills: Secretary of Labor Visits CMU

United States Federal Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis visited Carnegie Mellon University’s Astrobotic Technology, Inc. for a visit highlighting innovative approaches to training workers for high-tech jobs. The university houses an incubator for technology start-up companies, such as Astrobotic, focused on taking research to market.

During her press release, Secretary Solis said, “I also learned about the Space Robotics Lab and got a fascinating look inside the 21st century space race. It’s a race that used to pit nation against nation, but now, for the first time, the race has been joined by university labs and start-up companies, including one that began right here on this campus. I met this morning with leaders of Astrobotic and learned about their moon rover space exploration vehicle. Wouldn’t it be incredible if CMU launched the company that wins Google’s race to put a robot on the moon?”

After viewing several innovators’ work, Solis also stated, “There’s so many great applications that I saw demonstrated, whether it’s robotics, health care, education – oh my God. I’m just amazed.”

Astrobotic President Thornton expects a growing need for skilled workers at his company as it advances its technology. “The more skill there is around town, the more technology there is around town, the better off our company is going to be. It really makes a difference to be able to call somebody up and drive over and check on your parts,” said Thornton.


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